The Franchising Model



Domino’s Pizza is the largest chain of pizzerias in the world (17,000+ stores in 90+ countries and 3,000,000+ pizzas baked every day)


DAUFOOD was founded in 2014 to develop the Domino’s Pizza master franchising in Portugal.
The operation began on June 2015, the year in which it opened 6 restaurants in the greater area of Lisbon.



Our business model is bulletproofed in 34 stores and includes controlled investment, top quality products, world class technology, multi-channel advertisement and full operations support.


Our franchisees have tried our method, and here is what they say about us and the business of making pizzas

Domino's Portugal: Who We Are

DAUFOOD was founded in 2014 to develop the Domino’s Pizza master franchising in Portugal.

The operation began on June 2015, the year in which it opened 6 restaurants in the greater area of Lisbon.

Since then, its presence has expanded and in 2018 DAUFOOD began its expansion in the metropolitan region of Porto.
Currently DAUFOOD is the largest franchise in Domino’s world in market counts, with 14 markets (Portugal, Austria, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Greece, Macedonia, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Romania, North Cyprus, Malta, Kosovo, Serbia).

Weekly dough balls per store

The Business

Domino’s Pizza is a rock-solid brand.

We have great teams working extremely hard to help you succeed, with great people, products, support & systems.

Domino’s has a consolidated business model, with excellent economics.


Earnings Best In Class

Domino’s Pizza has been growing worldwide for 103 consecutive quarters.
$1,000 invested on 2010 reverted in a value of $21,238 on 2017.

Marketing automation and multi-channel advertising

Online presence on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Waze… Ads on major TV channels, sponsoring shows with high audience and running live promotions during broadcasting.

Top Quality Ingredients

Our dough is fresh, produced daily at our factory in Portugal. We favor national ingredients, 100% mozzarella cheese and our unique tomato sauce!

World Class Technology

The combined use of Domino’s and Daufood’s technology will guide you step by step in the store management, as well as order management through our website, App and call center.

The Brand

Domino’s is the recognized world leader in pizza delivery operating a network of company-owned and franchise-owned stores in the United States and international markets. Domino’s is a company of exceptional people on a mission to be the best pizza delivery company in the world. A lot has happened since 1960, when all started.

Tom Monaghan and his brother, James, purchase “DomiNick’s,” a pizza store in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Monaghan borrowed $900 to buy the store.

Today, there are over 17,000 stores Worldwide. Sure, it took more than 50 years to get here, but the trip was well worth it.

Nowadays, thousands of corporate and franchise store openings around the world show incredible facts:

Our Secret

When it comes to pizza, we have the key for the best results!

Did you know that Domino’s two-time World’s Fastest Pizza Maker Werner Lomker can make three large pizzas in just 47.56 seconds?



Our dough is produced daily in our commissary in Portugal

100% Mozzarella

No blends. Only the best mozzarella cheese in our pizzas!

Fresh and Local Ingredients

We favor national ingredients. Our unique tomato sauce comes from Ribatejo!

Quality and Safety

We enforce the highest quality standards and safety measures in the whole production and delivery processes.

Our Stores: The Spirit of Portugal

Expansion areas

Discover the areas where we will open the next stores and choose yours!

How Can We Help?

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What Our Franchisees Say

Our expansion would not be possible without these entrepreneurs. They agreed to say some words about their experience.


The requirements to become a member of Domino’s network are not significantly different from running any new business. Thus, our conditions are to personally take over the operation of the store, to pass the necessary training and of course to have the necessary capital for the start of the business.

The investment for a delivery shop reaches about 250,000 euros. If it is a provincial store and there are table seats, the amount can be exceeded to a small extent. The distance from Lisboa and the creation of a raw material processing area is another factor affecting the amount of investment.

Yes, the possibility of financing exists and is close to 1/3 of the investment with a bank loan and/or leasing and of course if the conditions set by the credit institution are met. We recommend that the total funding does not exceed EUR 85.000 of the investment.

Each franchisee pays Domino’s Pizza 6% of its store’s net sales for royalties.

Yes, as for the rights of exclusive exploitation of the area you pay the company the one-off amount of 15,000 euros.

The distribution area is defined by factors such as traffic, population, traffic arteries, etc. From then on the exact location of the store is chosen by the franchisee and approved by our company.

The duration of the contract is 10 years and is automatically renewed with a 10-year duration and provided of course that its conditions are met.

No, the company provides you with the detailed list of machines and equipment approved by Domino’s and you take care of their purchase.

Yes, the construction of the store is the responsibility of each franchisee. Our company provides the store layout, the specifications and an indicative list of suppliers. We also provide advice before and during construction to minimize costs.

Completion of the store as well as for the required equipment to be delivered takes at least 60 days (8weeks). It is important for each franchisee to calculate the time required for the necessary permits, gas supplies, electricity, etc., procedures that may affect the timing of the operation of the store.

Each franchisee is provided with a 400-hour training, by experienced executives at the theoretical and practical level, where all the necessary knowledge is offered for the opening and operation of the store.

Of course, there is a specially designed, software that fully meets the needs of a Domino’s store. As far as software support is concerned, this is undertaken by an independent company with the appropriate contract.

The philosophy behind the operation of each Domino’s store and the company’s policy stresses that each franchisee must be willing to deal personally with the operation of the store and that is one of the secrets of a successful store. During the first period you will need to spend several hours in the operation of the store, which can be limited in time with the appropriate acquisition of experience.

The company has a central fresh dough commissary, a central department of domestic and foreign supplies, storage areas and a distribution department of raw and auxiliary materials. From the commissary it distributes in stores with its own refrigerated trucks twice a week all the raw materials in their final standard form.

Our company has a system of continuous monitoring and control of high-quality standards through continuous visits (audits) but also with many random checks, such as mystery shopper etc.

For reasons of practicality and homogeneity, the network has a common price list of proposed prices with stores able, if they wish so, to differentiate themselves through offers, discounts, etc. Moreover, the legislature stipulates that prices are determined by the licensor concerned. Our company can coordinate centrally the national promotions and campaigns.

Domino’s Pizza’s entire network (also in the province) is served by a joint call center of the company which channels orders to the stores.

Marketing and sales strategy is created and monitored centrally by our company. From then on, each store can carry out its own promotions for its distribution area.

As each ad campaign works for the entire network, each franchisee pays the company 3% of the net sales of his store for advertising at the National level. In addition, each franchisee spends annually an additional 2% on advertising locally.

As a member of our network you are a beneficiary of the huge awareness of the Domino’s name, the processes that ensure delivery in times under 30′, the selection of the best raw materials and the know-how that has made Domino’s the No 1 pizza delivery chain in the world!

To give you a responsible answer to this question we need to know your tax “profile”. Our company and our partners are at your disposal to advise you on this question.